Yucesoy is a construction company in Izmir and they wanted to celebrate Republic Day with a creative (and local) idea. 
Izmir was one of the most iconic cities during the Independence War of Turkey (post-Ottoman era). 
While looking for something local to celebrate this important day, we realized that Izmir's street and school names were named after war heroes, important politicians and some ideas that represent the virtues of the Republic itself.
While the narrator asks "what does Republic mean" to the audience", the film also shows these names & ideas. 
The video went viral in Izmir because the people of Izmir believe that their city represents the Republic and its values more than any city in Turkey. ​​​​​​
Advertising Agency: Alaaddin
Creative Director: İsmail Bölükbaşı
Copywriting: Orhan Gazi Kandemir
Art Direction: Gökhan Çardak
Director: Haluk Baylan
DOP: Cem Uçak

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