Radikal, a famous newspaper in Turkey, wanted to integrate its business into digital and improve its citizen journalism perspective innovatively in 2012. 

By nature, printed newspapers can only give the previous day's old news. 
However, with the power of the Internet, people can learn about latest news without any delay. 
Twitter, a platform that was becoming more important back in 2012, was helping people learn and say 
a few words about breaking news. 
So we created an online film stating that if people used the hashtag #nediyosun (#WhatIsYourOpinion) with their ideas about any important event, it would appear on the next day's issue of Radikal under that specific news. 
During the campaign, there were almost 50.000 tweets with #nediyosun hashtag and selected 1500 tweets were published under the related news on the next day issue of "offline" Radikal. The hashtag appeared on trending topics for 2 days.
By using the hashtag, people could become micro columnists and helped us innovate citizen journalism. This campaign even set an example for other magazines and series on TVs in Turkey. 
Advertising Agency: DDB&Co.
Creative Director: Karpat Polat
Creative Group Head: Ozan Yurtsever
Copywriter: Orhan Gazi Kandemir

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