After Facebook's announcement of Messenger Bots in April 2016, we created Turkey's First Messenger Bot for Popeyes.
Developed in two months and released out in different phases, people could order food on Messenger with a few clicks easily. 
Before coming to the ordering step, the bot was able to make meaningful conversations with the young customers and respond with emojis. 
Being the first to have a Messenger Bot and creating an alternative channel for ordering food in a fun way was a significant step in digitalizing Popeyes.  
Please Turn On "English" Subtitles When You Watch The Video Below.
Agency: Güzel Sanatlar
CEO/ECD: Burçin Ergünt 
Creative Director: Orhan Gazi Kandemir
Copywriter: Orhan Gazi Kandemir
Account Director: Özge Öncül
Account Manager: Buket Arca Han, Sena Özata
Software Development: Tayfun Kapusuz

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