Uludag Frutti Extra is a beverage brand in Turkey. Its TV ads concentrated on talking about the ingredients of the product. 
We wanted to talk about them on digital as well, but unconventionally.
We created a Video Preroll Contest that you could only participate in if you happen to come across them. And you could see it on not only Youtube but also other media sites and Facebook ads. 
During the contest, we asked a simple question while explaining Uludag Frutti Extra's ingredients. Then we directed people to a mobile-friendly microsite.
Example Question:
What I am asking is a natural taste. Ok Uludag Frutti Extra is also natural with its ingredients but I am not talking about it. Yes, it is rich in nutrients but anyway, my question is a fruit that grows on trees. It has an orange color. Can you guess what it is?
By using smart media planning, we have never asked the same question to the same person. 
At the end of 3 weeks, we had more than 5 million views and 12% click rate. So with this campaign and the platform-specific advertising, we talked about Uludag Frutti Extra again and again.
Agency: Güzel Sanatlar
CEO/ECD: Burçin Ergünt 
Creative Director: Orhan Gazi Kandemir, Zafer Külünk
Copywriter: Orhan Gazi Kandemir
Account Director: Emine Sarpyener
Account Manager: Tuğçe Genç
Production: Random Works
Directors: Emre Sert, Gözde Yetiskin
Producer: Neslihan Ateş, Hüseyin Sert
Brand: Uludağ İcecek
Brand Representative: Zeynep Tümerdem

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